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Our strength

The company has received“Guangzhou Development Zone Labor and Social Security integrity of the enterprise”、“ISO9001 Authenticate”、US qualified suppliers、Pioneer honorary title of outstanding providers


The company has five tunnel kiln and two casting machine infrastructure, from production to the detection process are taken fully automated production, with large-scale production capacity.


The company has a number of well-trained professional team, including technology, quality and customer service, production.

Kailitech Advantage

Professional marketing service team to provide professional after sales service, a variety of material formulations, according to customer requirements and design and production of professional products


It has three decades of experience in product design and capabilities of the technology team, a sound quality management system and a qualified inspection personnel.

Technological Innovation

Advanced automated production equipment and testing instruments, and long-term and universities, research institutes to establish relations of cooperation

Kailitech Products
Supply field
Our products are mainly sold to the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta region, household appliances, security alarm, medical equipment, automotive electronics, watches and clocks, toys, video games, and other areas of ultrasonic atomization mainstream suppliers, while products are exported to Europe, Japan and other overseas areas, and new and old customers of praise
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Guangzhou Kailitech Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in August 2001, is a Sino-Hong Kong joint venture, is a professional committed to the piezoelectric ceramic buzzer, piezoelectric buzzer, piezoelectric sensors and other research and development and production of high-tech enterprises , advanced automated production and testing equipment. Company conveniently located in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Yonghe Economic Zone, plant area of over 8000 square meters, can produce up to 18 million.
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